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Colombian Imports is a firm based in Sydney bringing products to Australia with the main emphasis on fresh floral products of high quality, service, and reliability.

Our expertise in this area has been in our family through the generations originating from Italy and continuing to present day with Carollo Fiori based in Centrale (

Our passion and the opportunity to import has enabled my two passions to merge in order to create joy and happiness to thousands of people in the future when that knock at the door  and the site of Roses that can only be described as voluptuous with a brilliance of colour bringing excitement and joy.


We aim to work closely with our suppliers who specifically are contracted to supply specific varieties that are crafted just to our requirements making them unique to our clients .

With an increasing number of technology providers offering their services to growers with the aim of solving very specific problems or offering service in a small niche of agriculture, It is crucial to create change for the better at small scale. This is a principle that all stakeholders should embrace in everything they do”, and not alone. Increasingly the need to share knowledge in order to encourage best practices.


There has been a government initiative stemming back from 2011 to promote Organic agriculture throughout the full process leading up to final chain being the purchaser who instigated the original sale.

In recent years, a private organization partnered with this government effort to promote sustainable agriculture in Colombia and the  Federacíon Orgánicos de Colombia who are a private cooperative of producers, exporters, logistics providers, and certification specialists whose goal is to promote the growth of organic agricultural production. Among the many achievements of this partnership between government and private industry is the replacement of formerly illicit crops with profitable organic yields.

Sydney Based Facilities 39/50-60 Cosgrove Rd Strathfield Sth 2136 NSW

Our facility at the state-of-the-art Interlink estate, only a few kilometres to major e-retailers and distributors including Australia Post and the Woolworths Distribution Centre who all picked this location due to its centrality to the Sydney metropolitan area, while also be only 30 minutes’ drive to Sydney CBD. Access to M4 and M5 is a key to distribution time frame frames which impacts our cost base and service ability.

Beneficial Impact to local work Force

It is estimated that 15 full time positions and 8 part time positions once full capacity is achieved. Traineeship will be an essential part of the ongoing business success and stability which has been known to be attributed to the success and demise of many start-up businesses.

Australian Work Force

Colombian Imports  overseers this process with Industrial Engineer   to maximise product quality from planting process to final process to customers optimising life expectancy ,quality and minimise costs including all refrigeration processes .We have been able to obtain a head engineer who has worked in this industry for 10 Years .

Local florists and trainee florists will be the key to our business model , we endeavour to create a family vibe in our business which encourages staff retention and productivity .This has worked successfully through all our other businesses  and is in our DNA.

Start up Funds and cash flow

The start up funds and cash flow is critical to the success of the business, the warehouse facilities has already been purchased through a separate Identity JA Carollo Pty Ltd which is an organisation part of the whole group which hold property only with the value of the property being $ 1million.

It is estimated that the fit out  will consist of approximately $350,000 with a large portion comprising of cool room facilities with the final specification to be determined after finalising suppliers and specific criteria that are required for our particular product formulation .It is essential that we undertake a survey of existing supplier facilities and  procedures first hand in order to not compromise the quality and life of our product and construct the appropriate facility that will enhance this .

We have seeked a further investor that is keen to invest in our venture but has indicated the concern of dealing with a country such as Colombia .We indicated to the investor that if we provide further information  such as facilities and organisations in Colombia would that go towards resting there fears , they indicated that it would and we hope to obtain additional Information  written and photographic whilst we are there finalising our agreements  with our suppliers .Though we do not feel that this is essential to obtain an investor  it will enable us to have additional funds at the ready .

BASC Security
Our supplies must be part of  BASC CERTIFICATION

The BASC certificate is issued by the headquarter office of the Word BASC Organization and its processed by each of the organization's BASC chapters, authorized to conduct the audit and certification process according to WBO’s policies and it is annually renewed in accordance with the actual regulations.


BASC certificates are issued under a consecutive number and special security paper that identifies its authenticity and validation. BASC certified companies are identified with their own designated code that entitles them for meeting the requirements and compliance of the BASC Security and Control Management system.

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